Monday, October 17, 2011

Scissor Me

I can't wait until my Auntie gets home this December. She promised me she'll design my nails. I have been anticipating to get one since I found out she do this stuffs. Because of my amazement, I even made a blog for her designs which is Maris' Nail Arts. Funny, because I am the one who's giving names to her designs which is very silly. Mind dropping by on her blog and take a look on her designs? You might like it!

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  1. Beautiful nail art..I thought that was made of acrylic nail art, she's talents, love the design...

  2. Those are cute beautiful nail art...

  3. This is supercute! I love the design!

  4. Lovely! That makes me want to have one on my own nails too ;-)

    Thanks for swinging by at

    See yah!

  5. Did you do this yourself, Marie? Galing! ;)

    Congrats pala sa Bislig blog mo :D Wish you more opps and PR ;)


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